Paulo Guico, Miguel Guico
Paulo Guico, Miguel Guico

Fresh from Hong Kong’s Clockenflap and Austin’s SXSW Festival, Ben&Ben has a new surprise for its fans. On November 1, 2019, the nine-piece supergroup will drop “Masyado Pang Maaga” (It is Yet Too Early) the latest single from “Limasawa Street.”

Led by twins Paolo Guico and Miguel Guico, Ben&Ben recently released “Limasawa Street,” the Filipino indie folk-folk pop band’s debut album. The group spent three months to finish the recording of all the 13 songs in the album.

“Masyado Pang Maaga” is a glorious return to form, a restrained but intricately conceived beauty that arrives with the same effortlessness as all Ben&Ben’s best songs. What sets it apart from anything that the band has done before is the inspiration behind the ornate displays, the relatable story that points to previously unexplored direction.

“When I was writing the song, I was inspired by a very personal experience and frustration of why people struggle so much to communicate and understand each other these days,” Miguel shared. “Why do people decide to be silent and walk away instead of confront each other and talk about things? Hopefully, the song can accompany people who go through the same thing, whether it be in their own personal experience or in their family and friends’ experiences.”

Paolo and Miguel co-wrote “Masyado Pang Maaga,” which the former produced with Jean-Paul Verona. It might be included in the deluxe version of “Limasawa Street,” a move that is currently being discussed by the band’s team.

Thematically, “Masyado Pang Maaga” is different from the ones in the latest record. Ben&Ben decided to put it on hold instead of including it in the 13-track album.

“Writing-wise, ‘Limasawa Street’ is full of songs filled with messaging of hope, of looking up towards the fact that things will be better,” Paolo said. “However, we felt that there was a need for a song that accompanies the listener in frustration.”

The latest Ben&Ben song’s lush arrangements lean toward something more intimate and less overpowering. It is a proof of their staying power as musicians who continue to evolve and make music that soars beyond expectations.

“Masyado Pang Maaga” is now available on all streaming and download platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Deezer via Sony Music Philippines. Meanwhile, here is Ben&Ben performing “Pagtingin” live: